Conecting with Pure Love – Prema Bhakti Yoga

Welcome to Yoga of Love.  Our  divine chants from India, prema bhakti yoga and mantra meditation tour, is manifesting in Asia, Europe, North, Central and South America countries. There is a seven day seminar, a three day course and a one day workshop, that is bestowed in these countries in yoga centers, universities, cultural centers and private homes.

The main focus of these teachings is to share with all the importance of discovering our real internal being. To offer an understanding of the importance of awaking our dormant spiritual consciousness, by the practice of mantra meditation and kirtan (divine chants in Sanskrit and Bengali). This is the main objective of these seminars and workshops.

Everyone is looking for love, for happiness and for relationships. Nevertheless, we are searching for all these things in the wrong places. We are looking for these things outside of us, with imperfect people and imperfect senses. So the result will not be so good. Through this practice of mantra meditation, one will learn how to go deep within one self and fill the lotus of the heart with pure divine love and spiritual bliss.

There are many different types of meditations and goals within these meditations. Some people meditate in the divine light and want to become that light. Others meditate in voidness and want to become void and empty; while others want to merge and become one with the impersonal aspect of God.

This bhakti yoga meditation, is one of the most ancient forms of meditation, practiced hundreds and thousands of years ago by the mystic sages of India; and it teaches us how to awaken our hearts with pure divine love. By this process of filling the soul with divine love, through mantra meditation and kirtan (reciting sacred chants in Sanskrit), one can attain the highest satisfaction that the self can ever reach.

The most ancient scriptures from India, the Vedic literature, explain that within all human beings, four goals are prominent, 1. desires (kama), 2. economic development (artha), 3. religiosity (dharma) and 4. moksha (liberation or salvation). Nevertheless, the soul cannot be fully satisfied by these four attainments.

Beyond these four goals of human life,  one can achieve pure divine love, prema. By developing this love, one can have a relationship with the divine. The path of loving divine relationship allows us to realize our own individual spiritual identity to cultivate love with the Divine Being. This divine love resides nowhere else but in our own hearts, and by the practice of kirtan or divine chants, this dormant love will be awakened. One develops more and more love to be able to nourish that relationship. Therefore, in this human form of life, the highest occupation for all humanity to fully satisfy the soul is pure divine love, prema.

In this iron age of Kali, the prescribed spiritual process for humanity is chanting the transcendental names, forms, qualities, pastimes and songs that glorify the Supreme Personality of God. Therefore, singing these sacred holy names, chants and mantras, is considered the most powerful form of meditation in present times. By constantly reciting this transcendental sound vibration, one will connect with the Infinite Being, and realize the effulgent love (prema) of God.