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sankirtanpartyGAUDIYA KIRTAN

The Gaudiya Kirtan is the transcendental sound manifested directly from the eternal spiritual sphere. These poetic songs were manifested by the Indian Gaudiya Vaishnava Saints, hundreds and thousands of years ago.

     These Vaishnava Saints, in their trance of bhakti-yoga, sometimes of thousands of years, realized within their hearts the vision of the spiritual realm. When they awakened from their trance and deep transcendental meditations, they would compose these sacred chants and manifest them in this material world. This music and chants are spiritual emotions (bhavs) that descend directly from that divine spiritual plane of existence.

     These chants, recited in Sanskrit language or Bengali, have the power to touch and speak directly to the soul, and awaken spiritual emotions deeply hidden in our hearts, thus, awakening our pure spiritual consciousness. Even if one does not understand the meaning of these songs, and recites them earnestly, one will obtain the benefit of singing them.

      These powerful prayers have been composed by transcendentalist Vaishnava Saints who have reached spiritual enlightenment and spiritual perfection, through their uninterrupted love and devotion to the Supreme God and Goddess.

      Sanskrit is the original mother tongue of Greek, Latin, the Germanic tongues, Persian etc. If we try to find the origin of the Sanskrit language, we will fail to do so, because its origin is divine.


Divine Chants at Sunrise (album)

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1. Eight prayers for the divine master – Guru-ashtakam (Bengali version) 

2. Lineage of liberated souls since 5000 years – Guru parampara 

3. Prayers to glorify the Gaudiya Vaishnav Saints – Vaishnava Vandana

4. Six limbs for surrendering – Sada Anga Sharanagati

5. Eight prayers for the Six Goswami Saints – Sada Goswami-ashtakam 

6. Eight verses for the Lord of Eternal Bliss, Lord Nityananda –

7. Oh friend! Just remember Lord Gaura! – Sakhe! Kalaya Gaura Udaram

8. Eight prayers for the son of King Nanda (Krishna) – Shri Nanda-nand-ashtakam

9. Prayers for the merciful sidelong glance of Radha – Shri Radha Kripa Kataksh Stava Raja

10. Maha mantra – The great mantra

At Your Lotus Feet (album)


1. Auspicious Invocation – Manglacharan

2. Five Essential Truths – Pancha Tattva

3. Nitai Gauranga 

4. Haribol Haribol 

5. Shri Radhe Gopal

6. Maha Mantra


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