Govardhana Vasa Prarthana Dashakam

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Ten Prayers asking for residence near the Mountain of Govardhan

   By Shrimad Raghunatha dasa Gosvami

nija pati bhuja danda chatra bhavam prapadia

prati hata mada dhristo danda devendra garva

atula prithula shaila shreni bhupa priyam me

nija nikata nivasam dehi govardhana tvam (1)

You took the shape of an umbrella, with the arm of your Lord Krishna as a handle (to protect the inhabitants of the village of Vraja with the torrential rains and floods), to stop the arrogance of the king of demigods Indra, being intoxicated with pride of his position of king of heaven. O dear and incomparable king of mountains! Please grant me residence near you.

pramada madana lilah kandare kandare te

rachayati nava yunor dvandvam asminn amandam

iti kila kalanartham lagnakas tad dvayor me

nija nikata nivasam dehi govardhana tvam (2)

The Divine Lovers, Shri Radha and Krishna get intoxicated and maddened when They enjoy the passion of Their divine love, in each of these caves of Govardhan. Being at your side, I will have the guarantee of witnessing these extraordinary pastimes of pure love. Therefore, O Govardhan! Please grant me residence near your side.

anupama mani vedi ratna simhasanorvi

ruhajara darasanudroni sangheshu rangaih

saha bala sakhibhir sankhelayan sva priyam me

nija nikata nivasam dehi govardhana tvam (3)

O Govardhana! Please grant me a dwelling near your side for you are always very dear to me. If you say to me, “Shri Radha and Krishna also perform pastimes at Sanketa and at other places in the forests, so why don´t you desire to reside there? I will reply that upon your incomparable pearl-studded altars, on your jewelled simhasanas, below your trees, in your cracks and crevices, upon your crest, and in your multitude of caves, Shri Krishna and Balarama always enjoy playful sports accompanied ny Shridam and other sakhas.

rasa nidhi nava yunoh sakshinim dana keler

dyuti parimala vidhang shyama vedim prakashya

rasika vara kulanam modam asphalayan me

nija nikata nivasang dehi govardhana tvam (4)

O Govardhana! Please grant me residence near your side because, having manifested a lustrous black raised sitting seat with an enchanting scent, you facilitated and witnessed the tax pastimes enacted by the youthful lovers Radha and Krishna, who Themselves are a treasure house of delicious rasa mellows. Thus you increase the transcendental pleasure of Shri Krishna exalted rasika devotees who relish those mellows.

hari dayitam apurvam radhika kundam atma

priya sakham iha kanthe narmanalingya guptah

nava yuva yuga khelas tatra pashyan raho me

nija nikata nivasam dehi govardhana tvam (5)

O Govardhana! Please grant me residence near your side. The unprecedented Radha Kunda is most dear to Shri Krishna and also your dear friend. Embracing Radha Kunda to your neck in a playful mood, you remain hidden there while watching Sri Radha and Krishna enjoy pastimes in Their freshly blossoming youth. That secluded spot is also perfectly suitable for me. I will sit right there and relish Their pastimes with you.

sthala jala tala shashpair bhuruhach-chayaya cha

prati padam anukalam hanta samvardhayan gah

tri jagati nija gotram sarthakam khyapayan me

nija nikata nivasa dehi govardhana tvam (6)

O Govardhan! Please grant me residence near your side. You are worshiping Shri Radha and Krishna with your nice spacious meadows, ponds, streams and waterfalls, forests, fresh grass, and shade trees; you are nourishing Shri Krishna´s beloved cows whose numbers are thus increasing at every moment. Your very name Govardhan (gah means cows, and vardhayati means to nourish and increase) is successful and renowned throughout the three worlds, If I can reside near you, I will also be able to receive the see my desired worshipful Lord Shri Krishna, who comes to you when He brings His cows out to graze.

sura pati krita dirgha drohato goshtha raksham

tava nava griha rupasiantare kurvataiva

agha baka ripunochair dattamana drutam me

nija nikata nivasang dehi govardhana tvam (7)

O Govardhan! Okease vestiw yoib ne resudebce vt yor side right away. Shri Krishna, the slayer of Aghasura and Bakasura, showed youspecial honour by establishing Vraja beneath you while holding you aloft, therefb truning yu into a new home for the Vrajavasis and protecting them from Indra´s hostility. You are he crown of Vrindavan and Rkishna always takes care of you since you are His dear devotee. Krishna´s nature is that He is merciful to those who, although unqualified, reside near those who He honours, so by resideing near you I also will certainly obtain Krishna´s mercy.

giri nripa haridasa shreni varyeti nama

mritam idam uditam shri radhika vaktra chandrat

vraya nava tilakatve klripta vedaih sphutang me

nija nikata nivasam dehi govardhana tvam (8)

O Giriraja Maharaja! King of mountains! From the moon-like face of Shrimati Radhika the following words have issued: “This hill is the best of those who are known as Haridasa.” These words from the Shrimad Bhagavatam (10.21.18) have revealed the nectar of your name, and all the Vedas have established you as the fresh tilaka (marking on the forehead) of Vraja-mandala. You are such a high class devotee, so if I stay with you, I will certainly get high class devotion. Therefore, the most desirable place to reside is near your side; please grant me a dwelling there.

nija jana yuta radha krishna maitri rasakta

vraja nara pashu pakshi vrata saukhyaika datah

aganita karunatvan  mam uri kritia tantang

nija nikata nivasam dehi govardhana tvam (9)

O Govardhan!You are absorbed in the mellow of friendship towards Shri Radha and Krishna who are surrounded by Their sakhis and sakhas, and you are the unparalleled source of happiness for the men, women, birds, animals, and all the living entities of Vraja. You are so kind, Krishna just touched you and automatically you lifted yourself up to serve Him, becoming weightless on His finger. You fulfil Krishna´s desires and protect all Vrajavasis, so please accept this most fallen and miserable person and by mercifully bestowing upon me residence near your side, make even poor me a worthy recipient of Shri Krishna´s love.

nirupadhi karunena shri shachi nandanena

tvayi kapati shatho pi tvat priyenarpito smi

iti khalu mama yogya-yogyatam tam agrihnan

nija nikata nivasam dehi govardhana tvam (10)

O Govardhan! Although I am a cheater and a rogue, the greatly merciful Shri Shachinandana Krishna Chaitanya, who is most dear to you, has offered me to you (so you are obliged to accept me). Without considering whether I am qualified or unqualified, please bestow upon me a residence near your side.

rasada dashakam asya shrila govardhanasya

kshiti dhara kula bhartur yah prayatnad adhite

sasapadi sukha de smin vasam asadya sakshach

chubha- da yugala seva ratnam apnoti turnam (11)

Whoever ardently meditates on these ten nectarean verses glorifying Shrila Govardhan, the master of mountains, will obtain blissful residence near Govardhan, thereby very quickly attaining the auspicious jewel of direct service to Shri Radha and Krishna.

Vocals Radha Kanti dasi