Instructor’s biography

Radha Kanti Dasi was born in San Jose, Costa Rica to a family of international diplomats and intellectual academics. Since she was two months old, she lived with her family in Paris, France, Caracas, Venezuela, Vancouver, Canada and San Jose, Costa Rica.
        When she was eighteen years old she studied art in The Arts Student’s League of New York in Manhattan. She also studied general studies in the University of Costa Rica. It is there where her interest in existentialism and spirituality awakened while studying the Greek philosophers Plato, Socrates and Pythagoras. Later she lived in Ibiza and Tossa de Mar, Spain and soon after in 1990, she moved to Laguna Beach, California where she studied art in O.C. College. There she made contact with the followers of bhakti yoga for the first time.
      In 1991 she joined a Gaudiya Vaishnava ashram in Paris, France, where she started her spiritual practices of bhakti-yoga. She also lived in the bhakti-yoga ashrams in Heidelberg, Germany and Watford, England for eight months in total.
      Not feeling any attraction or inspiration from the spiritual guides and teachers she had met until then from Iskcon, she left and searched for a genuine spiritual master. In 1992 she travelled for the first time to India. She searched five years for her divine teacher (guru). There she lived in the most sacred place of India, called Radha Kunda, alone, and prayed daily to find a real transcendental teacher. At that time no westerns lived there. Some great Vaishnava Saints offered her spiritual initiation, but she always refused. 
       Finally, in 1996, she meet with him, Paramahamsa Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaj, in Mathura, city of Uttar Pradesh, India. In Vrindavan she received the spiritual initiation through transcendental sound and her life changed radically. She decided to stay and live in India at the lotus feet of her teacher for many years. She learned from him how to follow this spiritual process, hearing daily classes from him. Under his guidance, she began the process for self-realization through bhakti-yoga, which consists of the spiritual practices of pure devotion for the Supreme Original Personality of God, through transcendental sound.
      Her divine master is descending from a lineage of self realized souls, that comes back since five thousand years. The original guru was Krishna Himself who imparted this knowledge to the first created being lord Brahma, then to Narada Muni, then Vyasadeva (the compiler of the Vedic literature) and is still descending until today. It is a unbroken chain of perfected souls who are teaching by their own standard and example.
      Since then, Radha Kanti has deeply studied the eastern philosophy of Vedanta – ancient sacred texts from India containing the most elevated transcendental knowledge – under his guidance. She has lived more than fourteen years in Vrindavan and Navadwip, India.
     After listening to more than a thousand lectures from the lotus mouth of her spiritual master, he humbly requests her, repeatedly, to become a transmitter and messenger of this divine love and knowledge. His last request and instruction to her, before leaving this world, was to distribute hari-nam (divine sacred names or maha-mantra) around the world and his divine teachings.
       In 2002, her spiritual teacher instructs her to make books for new people, in a very simple manner, for all audiences to understand. Therefore, she compiled  and designed eight books, four in English and four in Spanish. One very popular one is called The Eternal function of the Soul, which has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian. Also The Power of Transcendental Sound, and Visit Mystic India. She published two music albums of Gaudiya Ras Kirtan in Sanskrit and Bengali called At your lotus feet, with six songs, dedicated to her divine master, and Divine Chants at Sunrise, with ten songs. These book albums have been designed and published by Gaura Bhakti Ras Publications.
      At present, Radha Kanti lives in India and has given hundreds of lectures on bhakti-yoga, spiritual love (prema), and transcendental knowledge, to audiences of up to 1500 people, around the world. She travels half of the year and the other half she stays in Vrindavan, India.
     When sharing this divine knowledge of the soul and the Supreme, Radha Kanti feels great jubilation to be able to please the inner heart’s desire of her divine master. Therefore, all her workshops, conferences, meditations and seminars are bestowed without any lucrative interest, only with the sincere desire to awaken the latent spiritual consciousness of all the living entities, to distribute pure knowledge, and inspire all to begin the path of self realization, through the process of pure bhakti-yoga. Thus, her travels around the world are made possible by voluntary donations, by the will of God.