Workshops and photos

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Under the divine guidance of Paramahamsa Shrimad Bhaktivedanta Narayan Gosvami Maharaja

Imparted by Radha Kanti

1 Day workshop: Transcendental Mantra Meditation
This workshop includes the detailed explanation of the power of transcendental sound and the meaning of sacred Sanskrit mantras that allow one to connect directly with the soul and the Divine. Afterwards, there will be a meditation of how to completely fill the self with Pure Love. This meditation is based on the vibration of sacred chants (mantras), which, due to being transcendental, connect directly with the soul and awaken one’s spiritual consciousness. This has been the method for thousands of years of the ancient, mystic sages of India to attain spiritual enlightenment and complete spiritual perfection. This is an eight hour workshop.
3 Day, weekend workshop:  Introduction to Prema-Bhakti-Yoga (Connecting with Pure Love)
Prema-Bhakti-Yoga is connecting with the Divine through pure, transcendental love; it is the inherent constitutional function of the soul. In this course, the power of transcendental sound will be scientifically explained and the seven powerful effects of chanting the sacred Sanskrit mantras will be revealed.  This course relies heavily on mantra meditation and Divine chants, which are transcendental sound vibrations that connect the soul with the Supreme Spiritual Reality through pure love. Bhakti – transcendental love and devotion – is the only method to fully satisfy the self.  Therefore, the chanting of these mantras (kirtan) is the most powerful form of meditation in the present. This is a three hour daily workshop.
7 Day Seminar:  The Essence of all the transcendental knowledge of the Vedas, (Shrimad Bhagavatam) Vedanta
In this seminar, the most confidential knowledge from the most ancient scriptures on Earth, the Vedas, will be revealed.  The twelve cantos of the Shrimad Bhagavatam will be narrated in essence for a whole week. How many kings and sages of India, obtained spiritual enlightenment and perfection, and topics concerning the essence and supreme occupation of all humanity – Pure Love – will be explained in detail. Also, the recitation divine mantras (sacred chants) will be recited daily and there will be a meditation based on kirtan (call and response singing). This seminar has a duration of three hours daily for seven days.
12 Day Workshop: Kirtan, Mantra Meditation and Transcendental Knowledge
This workshop and course includes all the three workshops presented above. In this course, there will be daily singing Divine Chants (kirtan), mantra meditation and also confidential transcendental knowledge will be revealed. This is the most complete workshop of all because all the three workshops are included within. Also, so much singing and meditation will be accomplished. Transcendental knowledge is very deep and vast, like an ocean, so in this workshop we will narrate many histories and stories of the ancient Vedic scriptures which will captivate the heart and mind. This workshop has a duration of 12 days from Monday to Saturday for two weeks. Daily we will meet for three hours.
All courses include lectures and kirtan (call-and-response singing of sacred mantras), accompanied by traditional Indian instruments. Lectures are based on the transcendental scriptures of India, the Vedas, and the scientific process of direct spiritual perception.
All the attendants are requested to bring daily flowers, incense and fruits (if possible) for the offerings to the divine spiritual master (guru) and the Divinities. The participants will receive two CD albums with many sacred chants in Sanskrit and Bengali and some books. A sacred tulasi wood bead rosary from India, and other presents for the development of bhakti-yoga.