7.Oh friend! Just worship Lord Gaura!


Sakhe, kalaya gauram udāram!

Composed by Shrī Rādhā-mohana dāsa

           sakhe, kalaya gauram udāram

            nindita-hātaka-kānti-kalevara-garvita-māraka-maram (1)

O friend! Sing about the sweet name, beauty, attributes, and pastimes of the Son of Mother Shachī, Shrī Sachī-nandana Gaurahari, who performs supremely munificent pastimes, whose bodily complexion vanquishes the luster of molten gold, whose beauty defeats that of millions of Cupids.


tilaka-vinindita-shashadhara-rūpaka-bhuvana-manohara-vesham (2)

…who is charmingly adorned with a garland of beautiful and fragrant mālati flowers which is itself embellished by the sweet humming of black bees, the splendor of whose locks of curling black hair defeats the brilliance of dark clouds, whose tilaka, (beautiful clay marking on His forehead) is more brilliant than the moon, whose beautiful attire enchants the minds of everyone in the entire universe.  

madhu-madhura-smita-lobhita-tanu-bhritam anupama-bhāva vilāsam

nidhuvana nāgarī mohita-mānasa-vikathita-gadgada-bhāsham (3)

…whose sweet, gentle smile and unexcelled sentiments of pure love charm all embodied beings, whose heart is thoroughly immersed in Shrīmati Rādhā’s highest divine love, unnatojjvala prema, and who lovingly utters illegible words in a choked voice.


     kshobhita-durmati-rādhā-mohana-nāmaka-nirupama-līlām (4)

Hankering to relish the unparalleled pastimes of the greatly munificent Shrī Gaurasundara, who distributes mercy in the form of transcendental love when chanting His holy names, nāma-prema, to the supremely fortunate nishkinchan souls (those whose only possession is love of God), the fallen and foolish Rādhā-mohana sings in a mood of great distress.

                                                         Sanskrit Pronunciation

a as in ‘about,’ e as in ‘eddie,’ i as in ‘see,’ o as in ‘yoga,’ u as in ‘food,’ ai as in ‘bye,’ au as in ‘how,’ ā, ī, ū are pronounced the same only that longer.